Friday, January 17, 2014

Put me in Coach...

Coach, Spring 2014

Wow, have you noticed the change in Coach recently?

Brook Shields for Calvin Klein

Many of us of a certain age remember carrying the iconic Coach bag in our youth.  Well-crafted and expensive, if slightly stodgy, the "Willis" bag with its double-stitched preppiness, looked just right with our Calvin Klein and Gloria Vanderbuilt jeans.  

Animal House

We carried the "Stewardess" turnlock, ubiquitous brand hangtag in full view, slung crossbody over Izod polo shirts which we layered 2 deep (I have no idea how we even moved in all of those clothes) over a turtleneck 

from Lisa Birnbach's Preppy Handbook

and under our Greek letters. 

Coach Borough Bag

But at some point while I wasn't paying attention, Coach grew up.  The Borough bag is the same top-quality Coach we knew and loved, but resuscitated with sleeker, more modern styling.

It comes in various leathers, but I'm particularly fond of the glossy polished calf.  The large-sized bag is available in oxblood or black, and costs $898.

I like the handy pockets inside, and clean lines outside.  

This jaguar print cape is just stunning.  I would wear it for evening, or over jeans tucked into tall boots, or with a black leather skirt and oversize sunglasses à la Emma Peel.

And I certainly wouldn't turn down the gift of these gorgeous, bottle-green leather gloves.

Orchard Wedge Shoe in Peach Rose

It is nice to see a great brand revived with more minimalist designs that highlight the handsome leathers and high-quality construction that Coach has made its hallmark.

Men's Transatlantic Travel Carryon in Tobacco

Has anyone else checked out the new Coach?

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  1. This is encouraging. I actually missed Coach during the years when vibrant, almost fake looking leather was the Coach idea of a winning look. I still have a couple of Coach bags that I can't bear to part with and I love my Coach leather gloves from years ago (if only Southern California weather would cooperate). The bags above are fabulous and I'm convinced I need to get my wish list together...Mother's Day will be here before I know it! True confession, there's still a bit of "preppy" in me. Tailored classics are a favorite to this day.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Karen! Very well put. I missed Coach too. The leather was always so nice wasn't it? It is great to see them making the bags sleeker and more refined. I'm preppy too. And lazy. So I like not having to work too hard at looking pulled together. Can't wait to hear what you get for Mom's Day! xo, N.G.

  2. Headed to the site now!
    Enjoy the weekend,

    1. Hi Phyllis, Have fun. It's kind of hard to stay our of trouble over there!

  3. we are of the same era, such memories you brought back!
    until now, coach was forgotten, long ago replaced by louis. loving their new look, thank you for the re-introduction. would actually love the mens traveling bag for me!

    1. Hi Debra, Someone on Pinterest has a board of things from the 70's and 80's, and it made me gasp. And laugh! There was a picture of, I don't know if you remember, "Clackers"? Those lucite or acrylic colored balls on strings that (for heaven's knows what reason) kids would bounce up and down and make a clacking noise. I guess they were eventually taken off of the market (like all the fun stuff ;) because kids my age were banging themselves and probably everything and everyone else with them. Oh, well. I do miss Bonne Belle Lip Smackers though. :) xo, N.G.

    2. N.,
      I can still find Bonne Belle lip smackers at my target. I like the dr. Pepper and still use it when my lips feel dry

    3. Oh really! I loved Dr. Pepper. And watermelon. Do they still come in those enormous tubes?

  4. I have not checked out Coach recently, so thank you for the update and time travel back. I still have my Coach bags - wish I still had The Preppy Handbook - my bible in those days!

    1. Hi, I bought the updated version a few years ago at a Ralph Lauren store, but it isn't as good as the original. Have a great weekend. xo, N.G.

  5. I love the vintage Coach, it is beautifully made with quality leather and hardware. The new look is beautiful as well, happy to see the end of the cheap looking bags they have made for the last 10 years.

    1. Hi Elizabeth! I totally agree with you. It is exciting to see their new direction. Have a great weekend!

  6. I sometimes find "vintage" Coach bags and then do a little polishing and cleaning and then put them on Etsy, where they are always snapped up instantly. I am glad that they're going back to their roots, because they'd gotten WAY off track.

    And I love/d the Preppy Handbook. There was a corresponding English one called "The Sloane Ranger Handbook". Great stuff!

    Welcome back. We've missed you! I follow you on Pinterest, so get my fix that way! xoxo


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